My August Deals

I love a good deal!

I love a good deal! Especially if it’s something that I’m already shopping for.

One day a couple weeks ago, we went to our grandson’s birthday party. My daughter was wearing a pair of white linen pants. I decided that I wanted a pair like hers. They looked so comfy, like pajamas, yet presentable enough to wear in public. That’s a double win, if you ask me!

I got lucky and found the pants the very next day. Even though I don’t shop at TJ Maxx that often, I decided to stop there. Our local TJ Maxx is in the (only) mall in our city, so when I went to the mall to go to Joann Fabrics , I made a stop at TJ Maxx on the way to Joann’s. The store was literally on my way to Joann’s.

I found several pair of white and black linen pants on clearance there. I also found a lot of other clothes on clearance.

Here’s what I got: a pair of pants in white for $4!  A navy blue top with pretty detailing on the front for $6 and a blue/pink multicolored top for $8.

These items are all so light and comfortable that I plan to wear them all that I can . I’ll definitely get my money’s worth!

Thanks to my beautiful daughter who agreed to be my model. 😉❤️