What I’m Trying This Week

I love soups and I love ham and bean soup! I found a new recipe that I’m going to try for ham and bean soup. I’m not actually sure if I’ve ever used a recipe for ham and bean soup in the past. I tend to have better luck if I at least start with a recipe, even if I end up changing it here and there to suit my own tastes.

Click here for the recipe for ham and bean soup that I’m going to use. It is one that I found on my good ole Pinterest. I love Pinterest. I have more things pinned that I could ever humanly actually make, but I still love it.

The ingredients make my mouth water!

The ingredients make my mouth water

I’m also trying false eyelashes this week. I was inspired by watching a facebook video of Chrissy B Blevio. She made them look and sound so easy and achievable for me. Unfortunately, I can’t remember exactly which video it was that I was watching. Fortunately, though, she is on facebook and does weekly videos called Makeup-Tip  Monday. You can see this week’s video  if you find her on Facebook. I like her tips!

This is the kit that I used. It worked pretty well, even though I have very little experience with false lashes. I am glad that I found this kit (at Walmart) because it was definitely the way to go for me.

Today was the the third day that I’ve used these lashes. It goes a little easier each time that I use them.

Next time I will try lashes that are a little fuller and maybe a little shorter, but I am happy with these for now!