Open Shelves in Decor

I’m crazy about open shelves. Like built ins, they add so much character to a room. What is displayed on the shelves sets a mood and can say so much about a person.

When I think of open shelves, I first think of kitchen shelves, although they can actually be used in any room of the house. After all, they are just shelves, but with no doors to hide what is on them.

The catch is that they are not attractive unless they are kept neat. I’ll have to admit that is an issue for me. I’m thinking that I could only handle keeping a few shelves neat enough to have them open.





And this last one is my favorite! I love the way the shelves are arranged. It looks like it would be so easy to just reach up and grab what I needed off each one.

So pretty!


I’ll definitely be incorporating a few open shelves into my kitchen. I’m thinking that I may actually end up needing a few new  dishes to display on them. Either way, I plan to mainly use them for my most often used and prettiest items.


Let me know what you think!