Hosting a Vietnamese-American Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

My oldest child, my 34 year old son, got married over the weekend. The rehearsal dinner was on Friday, two days before the wedding, which was on Sunday.

This was my third  and last bio child to get married. I have two daughters who have both been married for years (the oldest has been married for thirteen years, and the youngest has been married for almost nine years).

I, along with a few helpers,  have prepared almost all of the food for the weddings and the rehearsal dinner. As you can imagine, this took quite a bit of research and preparation.

When I was thinking about doing the reception food for my oldest daughter’s wedding,  I did a lot of research and found a great resource book.  The name of the book is Cater Your Own Wedding: Easy Ways to Do It Yourself in Style. I ordered the book from Amazon. I believe that my copy was used, but I have ordered a lot of used books and rarely can you even tell that they are used.

This book was a life saver! It tells you what to do step by step. It takes any guess work out of hosting a large event; not just a wedding.