My August Deals

I love a good deal!

I love a good deal! Especially if it’s something that I’m already shopping for.

One day a couple weeks ago, we went to our grandson’s birthday party. My daughter was wearing a pair of white linen pants. I decided that I wanted a pair like hers. They looked so comfy, like pajamas, yet presentable enough to wear in public. That’s a double win, if you ask me!

I got lucky and found the pants the very next day. Even though I don’t shop at TJ Maxx that often, I decided to stop there. Our local TJ Maxx is in the (only) mall in our city, so when I went to the mall to go to Joann Fabrics , I made a stop at TJ Maxx on the way to Joann’s. The store was literally on my way to Joann’s.

I found several pair of white and black linen pants on clearance there. I also found a lot of other clothes on clearance.

Here’s what I got: a pair of pants in white for $4! ¬†A navy blue top with pretty detailing on the front for $6 and a blue/pink multicolored top for $8.

These items are all so light and comfortable that I plan to wear them all that I can . I’ll definitely get my money’s worth!

Thanks to my beautiful daughter who agreed to be my model. ūüėȂ̧ԳŹ

Headbands and Hair Bows

I love this bow. I do not need this bow, but I WANT IT.

I mean, how could you not love and want this bow? It’s so cute, sweet, pretty, delicate, and colorful!

I have not found a reason to buy  it, but I still love it. As well as these.

Are these not ADORABLE????

If you are interested in shopping for these or other headbands or bows, you can find them here:

Crafty Mom-a on Facebook

and Craft Mom-a Creations on etsy


It Doesn’t Take Much to Make Kids Happy


My grandson turned four years old last month. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he said that he wanted a kitten and a reacher. A reacher as in a device that is used to reach for/grab things with.

My husband has one so I guess that’s where he got the idea. Pap always makes things look like fun, and I guess that my grandson wanted to have as good a time as Pap does.

I wanted to make sure that that was what he really wanted, because it seemed a little too easy, even for a three/almost four year old. I asked him what he wanted a couple of other times and his answer was the same.

I should have known right away that it was true, because he and his brother have always been very easy to please. When his older brother was four, I asked him what he wanted for Christmas that year and his reply was that he wanted bandaids. ūüôā

I just love how easy young kids are to please! Not that they wouldn’t be very happy with expensive or elaborate gifts, but they can be just as happy with very¬†simple¬†things.

I didn’t get my grandson a kitten because his parents were planning to let him pick one out himself. So I got him kitten accessories. And a reacher. And a package of bubble gum.

We know what he likes! It sure was  fun to see the little guy open his presents.

Scroll down to see what he got!










A New Kind of Normal Around Here

Two years ago I worked three ten(nish) hour days a week at my nursing job. Four days a week I usually took a nap because I had nothing pressing to do. Not to mention that I LOVE naps.

Now I am working PRN (as needed, pre-scheduled days) at nursing. I rarely have time to take a nap. And I am  more tired and busier than ever.

The fact that I had nothing pressing to do two years ago was really a problem for me. I like to have something pressing to do (well, to a degree!). I like to feel that I am making a positive difference in the world.

That’s how I ended up becoming a foster parent. It was a long process, because I had to figure it out first. I knew I wanted to do something to help people, but it took awhile before I figured out that I wanted to try fostering.

Once I figured it out, my husband and I had to decide on what ages we would be willing to foster. We felt like we could really help older children and teens, who are harder to place in foster homes. Most people want to foster (and/or adopt)  younger children. We have raised three children and made it through their teen years, so we have learned a lot.

I began doing some research about fostering teens. I filled out a couple of online forms, and I ended up being contacted by an agency that specializes in case management of children with severe behavioral and emotional needs. And that is how we became foster parents of elevated needs children.

Needless to say, the last two years have seen an enormous change in our lives. But it’s been a change for the better. Now I wake up and I feel a sense of purpose each and every single day, whether I’m working at my nursing job or just at home for the day. Because either way, I have some important things to do!


Hosting a Vietnamese-American Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

My oldest child, my 34 year old son, got married over the weekend. The rehearsal dinner was on Friday, two days before the wedding, which was on Sunday.

This was my third  and last bio child to get married. I have two daughters who have both been married for years (the oldest has been married for thirteen years, and the youngest has been married for almost nine years).

I, along with a few helpers,  have prepared almost all of the food for the weddings and the rehearsal dinner. As you can imagine, this took quite a bit of research and preparation.

When I¬†was thinking about doing the¬†reception food for my oldest daughter’s wedding, ¬†I did a lot of research and found a great¬†resource book.¬† The name of the book is Cater Your Own Wedding: Easy Ways to Do It Yourself in Style. I ordered the book from Amazon. I believe that my copy was used, but I have ordered a lot of used books and rarely can you even tell that they are used.

This book was a life saver! It tells you what to do step by step. It takes any guess work out of hosting a large event; not just a wedding.

Great Ideas Come at Night

Sometimes, right before I fall asleep, I get a few crazy thoughts. We’ll call them great ideas. Because that’s what they seem like at the time.

“Tomorrow when I get up, the first thing I’m going to do is make banana bread with those black bananas.” (I usually just end up throwing them away.)

“I’m going to set my alarm for 5 a.m. so that I can get up and go for a walk (sure, we’ll go ahead and call it a run) before it gets hot. (This has never actually happened.)

“I need a fan next to the bed because God is trying to kill me with hot flashes. I’m going to get a fan with a remote control so that I can turn it off and on during the night.”

“I’m going to start a blog! I don’t know how or what about, but I’m going to do it! I’ll google ‘How to start a blog’ first thing in the morning.”

Sometimes my late night (8 pm) ideas still seem like good ideas the next day, when I’m fully awake. And sometimes I follow through with a few of these ideas.

For instance, I did get a fan with a remote to put by my bed. Hot flashes are no joke and call for serious interventions to keep a person from losing their sanity.

I went to Walmart and bought myself a 3 foot tall oscillating fan with a remote control. The fan stand had a nifty holder for the remote. At night I would take the remote out of the holder and put it  on the night stand next to my bed.

I can seriously say that I loved that remote. Whenever I  would get hot at night, I could (usually) keep my eyes closed and reach over to my night stand and find the remote. I would turn the fan on and be in heaven until I got cold. Then I would turn it off again until I got hot again.

Unfortunately, my grandson loves remotes.¬† My dearly loved remote soon disappeared for several weeks. We looked and looked for it and eventually found it one day in my husband’s sock drawer. For awhile, I was in fan remote control bliss again. Then it disappeared again.

Mr. Remote Thief would not admit to having taken it, let alone tell us where it was. It has been several months, and it is still missing. Thank goodness that my hot flashes have gotten much less frequent and I don’t really “need” a remote control fan like I did before.

My idea about writing a blog has come to me several times over the years. Recently (last week) I googled ‘How to start a blog’ and found a very detailed post on a blog¬†(I love blogs!) on how to start a blog (imagine that!).

Late one night, at the advice of the ‘How to start a blog’, I decided to spend a couple hundred dollars on a website for my blog,¬†instead of using a free website (honestly, I don’t know if I’m using the correct terminology for all of this). ¬†And now ¬†here I am finishing up (very tediously and by doing it all the wrong way ¬†and re-doing it) working on my website and first blog.

Spending money for this is putting  a little pressure on me to do something with it. On the other hand, even if I fail miserably, a couple hundred dollars for a years worth of entertaining myself seems pretty inexpensive.

How can you argue with logic like that ?