What I’m Trying This Week

I love soups and I love ham and bean soup! I found a new recipe that I’m going to try for ham and bean soup. I’m not actually sure if I’ve ever used a recipe for ham and bean soup in the past. I tend to have better luck if I at least start with a recipe, even if I end up changing it here and there to suit my own tastes.

Click here for the recipe for ham and bean soup that I’m going to use. It is one that I found on my good ole Pinterest. I love Pinterest. I have more things pinned that I could ever humanly actually make, but I still love it.

The ingredients make my mouth water!

The ingredients make my mouth water

I’m also trying false eyelashes this week. I was inspired by watching a facebook video of Chrissy B Blevio. She made them look and sound so easy and achievable for me. Unfortunately, I can’t remember exactly which video it was that I was watching. Fortunately, though, she is on facebook and does weekly videos called Makeup-Tip  Monday. You can see this week’s video  if you find her on Facebook. I like her tips!

This is the kit that I used. It worked pretty well, even though I have very little experience with false lashes. I am glad that I found this kit (at Walmart) because it was definitely the way to go for me.

Today was the the third day that I’ve used these lashes. It goes a little easier each time that I use them.

Next time I will try lashes that are a little fuller and maybe a little shorter, but I am happy with these for now!







A Few of my Favorite Things


I love product reviews! I’m always googling them whenever I’m thinking about buying a certain product that I don’t really know anything about. I thought that I’d do a product review post. Because they are FUN.

Frownies Facial Patches

I LOVE these. Yes, they seem a little weird at first. Well, I guess that they are weird.  I have found out that I frown in my sleep. Not a little; a LOT. These keep me from having bad frown lines between my eyes. If I don’t sleep with one of these on, I wake up with very visible frown lines. I buy these from Amazon.

Remedy Skin Repair Cream

I first used this lotion at a hospital where I worked. It’s very moisturizing yet absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel heavy. And it smells really nice. I actually have ordered this from Amazon myself because I wanted some at home to use.

Sally Hansen Manicure Dry & Go Drops

I like to polish my nails, but waiting until they are completely dry is another thing. I use these to help my nails dry more quickly. They make a huge difference. I usually buy this from Walmart, but it looks like this price on Amazon is about the same as what I pay at Walmart.

Original Yoga Toes

I’m a nurse so I’m on my feet a lot. I bought these years ago (probably at least ten years ago) and they are still as good as new. These work by gently stretching your toes, which stretches your whole foot. It makes your tired feet feel SOOOO good. I bought these from the Yoga Toes website. It’s been so long ago that I don’t remember what I paid.

Sockwell Compression Socks

I wear these to work in. Heck, sometimes I even wear them on my days off. They keep my legs from aching when I’m on my feet a lot. If I don’t wear these to work for some reason, my legs do hurt. That’s pretty good proof that they work. I have bought these locally, but I see that the Amazon price is about the same as what I have paid locally.

Hope you enjoyed the reviews of some of my favorite things. They’re favorites because they’re awesome!



My August Deals

I love a good deal!

I love a good deal! Especially if it’s something that I’m already shopping for.

One day a couple weeks ago, we went to our grandson’s birthday party. My daughter was wearing a pair of white linen pants. I decided that I wanted a pair like hers. They looked so comfy, like pajamas, yet presentable enough to wear in public. That’s a double win, if you ask me!

I got lucky and found the pants the very next day. Even though I don’t shop at TJ Maxx that often, I decided to stop there. Our local TJ Maxx is in the (only) mall in our city, so when I went to the mall to go to Joann Fabrics , I made a stop at TJ Maxx on the way to Joann’s. The store was literally on my way to Joann’s.

I found several pair of white and black linen pants on clearance there. I also found a lot of other clothes on clearance.

Here’s what I got: a pair of pants in white for $4!  A navy blue top with pretty detailing on the front for $6 and a blue/pink multicolored top for $8.

These items are all so light and comfortable that I plan to wear them all that I can . I’ll definitely get my money’s worth!

Thanks to my beautiful daughter who agreed to be my model. 😉❤️

Headbands and Hair Bows

I love this bow. I do not need this bow, but I WANT IT.

I mean, how could you not love and want this bow? It’s so cute, sweet, pretty, delicate, and colorful!

I have not found a reason to buy  it, but I still love it. As well as these.

Are these not ADORABLE????

If you are interested in shopping for these or other headbands or bows, you can find them here:

Crafty Mom-a on Facebook

and Craft Mom-a Creations on etsy