My Top 5 Favorite Aldi Buys This Week

Yesterday we needed a few groceries so we stopped by Aldi. I thought that I’d share my top 5 favorite buys this week.

#1 was this guacamole dip! It’s got beans and corn in it and it’s a little spicy. I’ll definitely be buying this again!

Little Salad Bar Southwest Guacamole Dip









#2 was these roasted/salted pumpkin seeds. They’re a little crunchy and lightly seasoned and this is actually the second time that I’ve bought these.

Southern Grove Pepitas Roasted with Salt

#3 was the pizza strips. They come with two dipping sauces and are pretty tasty.

Mama Cozzi’s Pepperoni Pizza Strips with Marinara and Garlic Buttery Dipping Sauces

#4 was jalapeno flavored kettle chips. They’re crunchy and a little spicy. These are my husband’s favorite chips from Aldi.

Clancy’s Kettle Chips Jalapeno Flavored

#5 was roasted red pepper hummus. It is mild flavored and tastes very similar to other brands that I’ve bought elsewhere.

Little Salad Bar Roasted Red Pepper Hummus


Aldi is a great place to shop. I have bought a little of everything there. Some things I like better than others, but that is the case in any store. Aldi is definitely a store where I will continue shopping regularly.




Christmas Brunch

Three days until Christmas! There’s a chance of snow here, so there is a chance that we may have a white or whitish Christmas. Either way, it looks like it’s going to be cold.

The tradition in our family is that our kids and their families come over on Christmas morning. We have breakfast and then open presents. For the past few years we have been playing Dirty Santa, too. Dirty Santa is a lot of fun!

We have four grandchildren, ranging in age from four to eight, and this year we will have a game for them to play, too. I don’t think that they’re really old enough to play Dirty Santa, because one of them would probably get their feelings hurt when they got the gift that they liked taken by someone else.

Our breakfast menu is usually pretty much the same from year to year. This year we are having eggs, toast, biscuits and gravy, bacon, and ham. We will also have coffee and juice. This year I’m going to make a recipe I found on Pinterest called Christmas Sherbet Punch. It looks SO GOOD and I’m sure that the grandkids will get a kick out of it.

One year we had Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast as part of our Christmas breakfast. That was a little time consuming but it was worth it!

Another year, we had quiche. Spinach quiche is my favorite kind. I haven’t used this recipe, but this recipe for Cheesy Bacon Spinach Quiche looks delicious. A lot of people don’t seem to care for quiche, but I think that anyone who likes quiche appreciates the extra effort by someone who makes one. I consider it a treat.

As our family grows, our Christmas breakfast tradition may change, but for now we really enjoy it. Hoping that your holidays are fun and family filled, too!



Green Bean Casserole, but Better

I always have a hard time figuring out what to take to holiday dinners. Whenever someone asks what I want to bring, the old standbys are what come to mind for me. Stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, noodles, etc. None of these ever sound that exciting to me, even though I like all of them. They just don’t sound exciting to make.

Well, this year I decided to make stuffing and green bean casserole to take for  Thanksgiving lunch  at my son’s and daughter-in-law’s home. This was after I googled and Pinterest-ed recipes to find what I thought looked like good recipes. Both dishes turned out really well.

Green bean casserole usually tastes a little bland to me, but I found several recipes that sounded better than the standard back-of-the-label of French’s Fried Onions recipe. I combined my favorites parts of the recipes and came up with this one. I like that you don’t add a can of anything to it.

Then I found a couple other recipes that sounded really good, too. A few called for bacon. I mean, you can’t really go wrong when you add  BACON to something, right?

So, I used the original yummy recipe found here and added 2 slices of crumbled, crisp- cooked bacon. I mixed in half of the bacon in the green bean casserole and added the other half of each on top of the dish. This recipe makes enough to fill a 9×13 dish.

It was the best green bean casserole that I’ve ever eaten. And I’ve tried quite a few!

I’m planning to make it a couple more times this month.